THE CYCLE - Telling Remi 

It wasn’t long before Asha would tell Remi about her daughter and Kojo. She’d decided that the next time she saw him, she’d tell him. Her only worry now was how she would do so. Would she tell him as soon as they met? 

“Hey, by the way, before you talk I’ve got something to say. I didn’t tell you last time but I’ve got a kid, from a previous relationship, the only man I’ve ever loved.” 

No, definitely not that way. That would be an awkward start. Could she tell him at the end of their date? 

“Hey, so before you go, I need to tell you I have a daughter from a man I almost married named Kojo. I don’t know how you’ll take it, but I really had a great time though.” 

That would be even more awkward. Nah, nope, uh-uh. Maybe at some point during the date? After thinking about it long and hard, she figured she’d let it happen naturally; pretty sure that at some point she’d find the perfect opportunity. 

And so the next day Asha met up with Remi at a park where they used to play and gaze at the stars when they were younger. Turns out Remi was also a careful planner. It was the perfect date. Asha felt younger and forgot all of her worries – though the fact her daughter was safe at Asha’s neighbour’s place played some part in that. 

Asha and Remi allowed themselves to be silly and carefree. They chased each other the way kids do and talked for hours like they used to. At one point, a ball landed next to where they were sitting and a kid – maybe seven or eight – came to collect it. As the kid left with his ball, Remi sighed and said he’d always wished he had one of his own. A kid, not a ball. 

This was Asha’s perfect opportunity. 

“About that actually. There’s something I should have told you the other night and before this – whatever this is – goes any further, it’s probably best you know. I have a 4-year-old, a daughter. Her father was a man I loved deeply who passed at really the worst possible time. So I’m a single mother. And there’s so much I could say, but before I go on maybe you could tell me how that makes you feel?”

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