MURDER ON THE 6TH – Melissa 

“So where is this lady?” I ask. 

“Let me check,” says Henry. 

A few moments later… 

“I’ve called the front desk. It seems Ms. Melissa left the hotel earlier this evening. 

I’ve also received an update about the police. 

The front desk says they’re on their way and they’ve advised 

That no one walk in or out so as not to contaminate the scene. 

So until they arrive, it seems all of us remain here.” 


“Might as well figure out who did it,” I reply. 

“Il dit quoi celui-là?” 

“Monsieur suggère trouver le coupable pour passer le temps. ” 

“Ah oui, ça devrait être intéressant. ” 

“Mr. Daner is willing to, how do you say, play detective while we wait."


“Perfect, now let’s focus more on the suspects. 

I know it couldn’t have been me, I’m seated farthest from the victim. 

And I never even knew him. 

I’ve only been here a few times for meetings in the afternoons.” 

“And I could not have done it because I had not moved from my post,” says Henry. 

“I would never even contemplate committing such a crime in the place I love most.” 

“Yes, I work here too and that’s something we would never do,” says Kenneth 

Still in shock by the look on his face.


So the staff is working but why did everyone else choose to dine at this place? 

“Well the three of us are here to discuss a business partnership. 

Mr. Daner decided to stay here on the recommendation of his new friend, Phillip.”


At that moment we hear a phone vibrate. 

It’s coming from the table of three. 

“Phillip, I do believe this is yours,” 

Says Louis before what then feels like the shock of his life 

When he looks at the screne an reads the words out loud, “Mel –Wife.”


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