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MURDER ON THE 6TH – Motive  

“Wait! I can explain! This isn’t what it seems,” says Phillip. 

But he doesn’t pick up the phone, 

He just lets it ring with everyone staring, 

Like they knew it was him all along. 

Like this mystery’s resolved. 

Like the case is open and shut. 

He must have knifed Mr. Koech because he’d been thrusting his wife! 

“If memory serves, 

You first started coming here soon after Mr. Koech started staying here,” Henry observes. 

“I’ve seen you around the building.” 

Everyone is stunned. 

« Monsieur Sif ! Vous? Meurtrier ? Criminel ? 

J’aurai dû me méfier, mais quel bordel ! 

Incroyable ! Tout ça pour une histoire de crime passionnel ! » 

“Mr. Daner says he should have doubted all along. 

He says all of this for a crime of passion. 

I must admit, we are both very much shook!” 

“Give me a chance to explain how this looks! 

Before the police get here, let me make things clear. 

All you have is half-truths! 

Yes, my wife is called Mel & yes I’ve been here a few times in the past few weeks. 

Truth is, I’d suspected she’d been cheating so I’d follow her here. 

But I didn’t know with who. All they’d do is stay in some room. 

Then she’d get back home late at night. 

I didn’t have a clue who it was until tonight. 

When I saw Mr. Koech with his pendant. 

That square pendant meant to be one of a kind, 

Yet it’s similar to mine. 

A special gift from my wife. 

The one meant to be the love of my life. 

And so that’s the truth, I’ll admit, 

But tonight I am not your culprit! 

I may have motive to kill this man, 

But I promise you, he did not die by my hand!” 

« Je ne vois pas qui d’autre aurait commis ce crime. 

Il est surement le seul coupable. » 

“Mr. Daner suggests that Mr. Sif is the only guilty man around.” 

“If not Mr. Sif, then who then?” Henry asks. 

Just then, the police arrive at last. 

For a while, every one of us is questioned and asked for their versions, 

And soon we see Phil in cuffs as he’s taken to the station. 

Henry and I are the last witnesses to leave the scene. 

Henry whispers to me, “Something bothers me about this whole thing. 

It’s something Louis said about Mr. Koech and Ms. Melissa ‘making sounds’ in the afternoon. 

But Mr. Koech would leave in the mornings and return no sooner than 5pm.” 

And I reply, “Maybe what was heard was this Melissa finishing off what Mr. Koech could not do. 

We then wish each other goodnight 

Knowing we’ll see one another frequently until the culprit is convicted without a doubt. 

On my way home, I get a call. 

“Hey babe, you’ll never guess what happened tonight. 

Listen, babe, yes I know you can’t reach him, and for good reason. 

Babe, listen, listen, bab- Mel breathe! 

Okay so crazy story but someone died tonight. 

And you’ll never guess who got arrested for killing who at your favourite place. 

All I’m saying is that me and you can keep doing what we do 

Without worrying about the other two. 

Listen, it works out perfectly. Listen…” 




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