Imarika Festival 4.0: Homegrown

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Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom House, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

THEME : EARLY 2000's - KENYAN EDITION: Let's take a journey through time, a journey down memory lane

Where adulting was a legend, and we were young and free. Back to the time where Timz were life and Ogopa was the isht

We want to welcome you to a moment in time where you can re-live your memories, forget your troubles at the door and revel in the days of the year 2000.

Featuring : Third Hand Music, Charisma, Nawekulo, Ngelechei, Eddie Seymour, Kemboy, Joel Ngito, Niuru and Mkash & Jerebet.

Also Featuring : Muthoni Njoroge, Nduta, Lynne Aswani, Tutai, Dan , Thige , Mel and Stephen Muindi.

Spoken Word & Poetry from : 'Cole Agneta, Thumbs and Ivan Irakoze.