Cirque de l'Afrique

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Muze Club, Nairobi

Cirque de l´Afrique is the cherishment of arts in all its forms, from visuals to poetry, from body painting to music in all its variations. Celebrating diversity and exchange, Cirque de l´Afrique is a festival-like full body experience that you will not forget in a while.

Get your groove on at the LIVE performances with the German Afro House duo Freak de l’Afrique (Berlin), RISE/Walter Griot (Berlin), Fena Gitu, Coco Em, Suraj, Mufasa, BoxOfBeatsKe, Dj Paps, Bambupelo, Ivan Irakoze, Empire Dance Kenya, live painter Sheepgoat (Ngene Mwaura) and visual artist Bazil Ngode!