7 of us, all men, find ourselves on the 

6th of Mai in a restaurant at a 

5-star hotel on the outskirts of the city. It’s 

4 minutes past seven on a quiet night. 

3 of the men seem in a meeting with each other, 

2 speak different languages, 

1 seems like a translator. 

And soon, one of the seven will be dead.


Among us are 2 staff members: one a young waiter 

Looks new at his job, the other a host, visibly older. 

3 of the tables are occupied at the time. 

4 of the diners are well dressed up in suits and ties, and so that’s 

5 diners in total and at 

6 past 7 one of them dies.


But wait, let’s take it back to a few moments before 

When the last of the diners walks in and sits at the table nearest the door. 

The occupied tables are all within two rows. 

The newest diner sits diagonally from the three who meet 

And two tables from me.


As the old gentleman, maybe in his fifties takes his seat, 

He notices what seems a familiar face and nods his head 

To greet his age mate at the table of three – 

The one who speaks no English. 

This gentleman replies in kind 

As the young waiter moves around 

And the host stands at a distance and observes. 

Then the newest diner pulls out what seems like a pendant and smiles. 

Soon after the lights go out and we’re all left in the dark.


1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 

We hear a voice saying, “Not again.” 

Meaning this has happened before. 

5 seconds, 6 seconds, movement is heard: 

Plates, chairs, maybe utensils. 

7 seconds, 8 

A voice shouts, “No! Wait!” 

9 seconds, 10 seconds, 11 

Two sounds, loud and sharp. 

12 seconds, 13, 14, 15, nothing is said. 

16, 17, 18 and the lights return but a man is dead! 

The newest diner is found collapsed on his table 

With a knife through the heart.


*This is the first episode in my 2nd interactive storytelling series. A new episode will be posted weekly over the next five weeks. Take part in it by voting in the weekly polls below.*

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